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UniProt AC / UniProt ID Q96BR1 / SGK3_HUMAN
Protein Name Serine/threonine-protein kinase Sgk3
Gene Name Name: SGK3
Organism Homo sapiens (Human)

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PRO Name serine/threonine-protein kinase Sgk3 (human)
Definition A serine/threonine-protein kinase Sgk3 that is encoded in the genome of human.
Short Label hSGK3
Category organism-gene

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Q96BR1 (SGK3) as Substrate

Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
T32 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K75 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
S121 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S126 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S129 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K139 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K158 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K166 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y188 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K191 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K216 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S315 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T318 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T320 Phosphorylation O15530 (PDPK1) phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor   UniProt 29940988, 27481935, 26573229, ...16790420, 25177796, 10548550
T324 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K407 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S486 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   UniProt 16888620, 14604990, 25177796, ...16790420
Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
T320 Phosphorylation O15530 (PDPK1) HPRD 10548550
S486 Phosphorylation O15530 (PDPK1) HPRD 10548550
Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
T320 Phosphorylation O15530 (PDPK1) HPRD 10548550
S454 Phosphorylation O15530 (PDPK1) HPRD 10548550

Q96BR1 (SGK3) as PTM Enzyme

Substrate Site Score Source PMID
O43524 (FOXO3) S253 Signor 11154281
P49840 (GSK3A) S21 HPRD   Signor 11884598, 16543730, 12054501, ...18691976, 11749387, 19413330, 11035810
P49841 (GSK3B) S9 HPRD   neXtProt   PhosphoSitePlus   Signor 16543730, 18669648, 12054501, ...18691976
P49841-2 (GSK3B) S21 HPRD 18691976, 12054501
Q13045 (FLII) S436 neXtProt   PhosphoSitePlus   Signor 19293151
Q13045 (FLII) T818 neXtProt   PhosphoSitePlus   Signor 19293151
Q96J02 (ITCH) T385 PhosphoSitePlus 16888620
Q96J02 (ITCH) S450 PhosphoSitePlus 16888620
Q96PU5 (NEDD4L) S448 neXtProt 15044175, 15496163

PTM sites affected in variants

Site Variant Source PMID Disease [Sample source]
S121 G121 Biomuta DOID:1793 / pancreatic cancer [ icgc ] DOID:0070003 / blastoma [ cosmic ]
K158 E158 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ cosmic ]
K191 E191 Biomuta DOID:263 / kidney cancer [ cosmic ]
T318 N318 Biomuta DOID:3963 / thyroid carcinoma [ cosmic, icgc ]