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UniProt AC / UniProt ID P55211 / CASP9_HUMAN
Protein Name Caspase-9 precursor
Gene Name Name: CASP9
Organism Homo sapiens (Human)

PRO ID PR:P55211
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PRO Name caspase-9 (human)
Definition A caspase-9 that is encoded in the genome of human.
Short Label hCASP9
Category organism-gene

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P55211 (CASP9) as Substrate

Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
K97 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S99 Phosphorylation P17612 (PRKACA) neXtProt   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor 15703181
K100 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T107 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K117 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T125 Phosphorylation P27361 (MAPK3) , P28482 (MAPK1) , Q13627 (DYRK1A) , P06493 (CDK1) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor   UniProt 21219631, 16287866, 19016842, ...21637382, 16888006, 19586613, 18083711, 18669648, 19081073, 17466630, 17504303, 12792650, 29416675
S133 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S144 Phosphorylation Q05513 (PRKCZ) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor 16287866
Y153 Phosphorylation P00519 (ABL1) , A0A173G4P4 (Abl fusion) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor   UniProt 15657060
S175 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S183 Phosphorylation P17612 (PRKACA) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor 29352269, 15703181
K189 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S195 Phosphorylation P17612 (PRKACA) neXtProt   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor 15703181
S196 Phosphorylation Q9Y243 (AKT3) , P31751 (AKT2) , P31749 (AKT1) , Q13237 (PRKG2) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PRO   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor 18551195, 19909554, 18840507, ...21078168, 9812896, 10529400, 20494139, 15004527
K204 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T208 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K210 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K211 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y251 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P 29844931
K278 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T301 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S302 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 18669648
S307 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 18669648, 20068231
S310 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 18669648, 23186163
K394 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y397 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
T125 Phosphorylation P28482 (MAPK1) , Q02750 (MAP2K1) , P27361 (MAPK3) , P36507 (MAP2K2) HPRD 12792650, 18669648
S144 Phosphorylation Q05513 (PRKCZ) HPRD 16287866
Y153 Phosphorylation P00519 (ABL1) HPRD 15657060
S183 Phosphorylation P31749 (AKT1) HPRD 9812896
S196 Phosphorylation P31749 (AKT1) HPRD 9812896
S302 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648
S307 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648, 20068231
S310 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648


PRO ID (Short Label) Sites PTM Enzyme Source PMID
PR:000046571 (hCASP9/Phos:2) pS196 PRO

PTM-dependent PPI

PTM type Substrate Site Interactant Association type Source PMID
Phosphorylation P55210 (CASP7) S30 P55211 (CASP9) unknown eFIP 27889207

Proteoform PPIs

Protein 1 Relation Protein 2 Source PMID
PR:Q96CA5-2 (hBIRC7/iso:1) Interaction PR:P55211 (hCASP9) PRO 11084335
PR:Q96CA5-2 (hBIRC7/iso:1) Interaction PR:P55211 (hCASP9) PRO 11084335
PR:Q96CA5-2 (hBIRC7/iso:1) Interaction PR:P55211 (hCASP9) PRO 11084335

PTM sites affected in variants

Site Variant Source PMID Disease [Sample source]
T107 A107 Biomuta DOID:0070003 / blastoma [ cosmic ]
S133 F133 Biomuta DOID:263 / kidney cancer [ cosmic, icgc, tcga ]
Y153 * Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ]
K278 N278 Biomuta DOID:1324 / lung cancer [ tcga ]
S307 F307 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ icgc, tcga ]