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UniProt AC / UniProt ID Q9WTK7 / STK11_MOUSE
Protein Name Serine/threonine-protein kinase STK11 precursor
Gene Name Name: Stk11
Organism Mus musculus (Mouse)

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PRO Name serine/threonine-protein kinase STK11 (mouse)
Definition A serine/threonine-protein kinase STK11 that is encoded in the genome of mouse.
Short Label mSTK11
Category organism-gene

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Q9WTK7 (Stk11) as Substrate

Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
S31 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 11853558, 17114649, 21183079
T32 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y36 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y60 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y156 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y166 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T189 Phosphorylation RLIMS-P 31113861, 30873920
Y261 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P 24586906, 20142099
S325 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 11853558
S334 Phosphorylation RLIMS-P 30873920, 22611470
T336 Phosphorylation Q9QZY4 (Lkb1) , Q9WTK7 (Stk11) phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 11853558
Y365 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P 24586906, 20142099
T366 Phosphorylation Q9QZY4 (Lkb1) , Q62388 (Atm) , P97313 (Prkdc) , Q9WTK7 (Stk11) phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 20864035, 25329316, 11853558, ...12234250
S424 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S431 Phosphorylation Q9WTK7 (Stk11) , Q62388 (Atm) , P18653 (Rps6ka1) , P97313 (Prkdc) , P05132 (Prkaca) , Q8BSK8 (Rps6kb1) , Q8C050 (Rps6ka5) phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   UniProt 12234250, 17482548, 10642527, ...27849007, 16407220, 24295069, 17482549, 11297520
Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
Y36 Phosphorylation PR:P06240 (mLCK) PRO 21487392
Y261 Phosphorylation PR:P39688 (mFYN) , PR:P06240 (mLCK) PRO 18854309, 21487392, 20142099
Y365 Phosphorylation PR:P06240 (mLCK) , PR:P39688 (mFYN) PRO 18854309, 21487392, 20142099
S431 Phosphorylation PRO 24295069

Q9WTK7 (Stk11) as PTM Enzyme

Substrate Site Score Source PMID
O88643 (Pak1) T109 PhosphoSitePlus 20400510
Q5EG47 (Prkaa1) T183 PhosphoSitePlus 14985505
Q60670 (Sik1) T182 RLIMS-P+ 18946175
Q9WTK7 (Stk11) T336 PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 11853558
Q9WTK7 (Stk11) T366 PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 11853558
Q9WTK7 (Stk11) S431 UniProt 10642527


PRO ID (Short Label) Sites PTM Enzyme Source PMID
PR:000036893 (mSTK11/iso:1/Phos:1) pY261,pY365 PR:P39688 (mFYN) PRO 18854309, 20142099
PR:000036995 (mSTK11/iso:1/Phos:2) pY36,pY261,pY365 PR:P06240 (mLCK) PRO 21487392
PR:000045395 (mSTK11/iso:1/FarnPhos:1) pS431 PRO 24295069