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UniProt AC / UniProt ID P35579 / MYH9_HUMAN
Protein Name Myosin-9
Gene Name Name: MYH9
Organism Homo sapiens (Human)

PRO ID PR:P35579
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PRO Name myosin-9 (human)
Definition A myosin-9 that is encoded in the genome of human.
Short Label hMYH9
Category organism-gene

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P35579 (MYH9) as Substrate

Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
K8 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K8 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
K8 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y9 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y11 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19690332
K14 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K29 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K29 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K30 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K30 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S36 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K38 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S39 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S45 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K63 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K63 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K66 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K69 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K74 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K79 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K79 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S81 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K82 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T90 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
C91 S-Nitrosylation dbSNO 16648260, 22178444
K102 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K102 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y130 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S131 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y138 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K139 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y151 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y158 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus 25635050
Y158 Phosphorylation P12931 (SRC) PhosphoSitePlus 25635050
S160 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
R165 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
S169 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
C172 S-Nitrosylation dbSNO 2212679, 22126794
T173 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K180 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K186 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y190 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y193 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S196 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K199 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
K225 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T226 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K228 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K228 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K237 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K261 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T290 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K299 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K299 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
K299 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S344 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K355 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K355 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K356 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K356 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T360 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S364 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T369 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K373 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S375 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T383 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T391 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y400 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K403 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K403 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K435 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K439 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K441 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K536 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K540 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S541 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K545 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K545 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T552 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K555 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K565 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K565 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
C569 S-Nitrosylation dbSNO 19483679, 2212679, 22178444
K580 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K587 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K606 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K613 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K613 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S628 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 24275569
K637 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K637 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T638 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K651 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K651 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
K651 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K656 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K656 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K678 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K682 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K682 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
R711 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y721 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T725 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S728 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K731 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S751 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y754 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 18083107, 23186163
S759 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K760 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K760 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T807 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K810 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y819 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K821 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K821 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K833 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K835 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S841 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K850 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K856 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K860 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T869 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S876 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
C896 S-Nitrosylation dbSNO 16648260, 22178444
K910 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
C917 S-Nitrosylation dbSNO 16648260, 22178444
R923 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
C931 S-Nitrosylation dbSNO 2212679, 22126794
K940 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S957 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K961 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K961 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T969 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K975 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K975 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
C988 S-Nitrosylation dbSNO 26338901, 22178444
K989 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K992 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
R1000 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1006 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1009 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1014 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1015 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1017 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1024 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K1024 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T1030 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1048 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1052 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1052 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1081 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1081 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1114 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1122 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1145 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T1151 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1155 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
R1162 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1173 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1181 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1193 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1193 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1195 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1209 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1209 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1212 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1217 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1219 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1234 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1240 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1243 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1249 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1249 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1260 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1260 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T1269 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1274 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1274 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1277 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T1286 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1290 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1294 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1295 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1301 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1304 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1308 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1324 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1324 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1326 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1340 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1352 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1352 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1357 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K1357 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1370 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1370 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1371 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1372 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1376 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1382 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1392 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K1392 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1398 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1404 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
Y1408 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus 18083107
K1410 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K1413 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1415 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T1416 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1435 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1441 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1442 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1442 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1444 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1445 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1445 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1445 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1454 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1454 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1459 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K1459 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y1460 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1477 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1477 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1480 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1492 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1492 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1511 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1513 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1519 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1525 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1526 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1551 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1555 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1566 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1580 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1584 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1585 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1606 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1613 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1614 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1614 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1628 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1638 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 19608861
K1642 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1642 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1648 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1669 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1677 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1713 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus 18088087
S1714 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 23186163, 20068231
K1716 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1724 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1745 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1754 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1775 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1793 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1800 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus 18394644, 18675813
T1800 Phosphorylation Q96QT4 (TRPM7) PhosphoSitePlus 18394644
S1803 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus 18394644
S1803 Phosphorylation Q96QT4 (TRPM7) PhosphoSitePlus 18394644
K1804 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y1805 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1806 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S1808 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus 18394644
S1808 Phosphorylation Q96QT4 (TRPM7) PhosphoSitePlus 18394644
T1810 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1815 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1828 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1828 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1845 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
Y1861 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1862 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1867 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1892 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1904 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T1906 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1915 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1916 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus 9545325, 17567956, 1899200
S1916 Phosphorylation P17252 (PRKCA) PhosphoSitePlus 9545325, 17567956, 1899200
K1918 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
K1918 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K1920 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
R1923 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
R1932 Methylation PhosphoSitePlus
S1943 Phosphorylation phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor   UniProt 16964243, 22123909, 21406692, ...23186163, 26977077, 18318008, 19367720, 24275569, 29953877, 17487921, 19690332, 18088087, 18971378, 21316371, 17287340, 19826041, 19369195, 16083285, 17567956, 17081983, 16094384, 8089108, 20068231
S1943 Phosphorylation P68400 (CSNK2A1) PhosphoSitePlus   Signor 22123909, 17567956, 18971378, ...21316371
Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
S36 Phosphorylation HPRD 20068231
T383 Phosphorylation HPRD 20068231
T645 Phosphorylation HPRD 20068231
T725 Phosphorylation HPRD 20068231
Y754 Phosphorylation HPRD 18083107
T1329 Phosphorylation HPRD 20068231
Y1408 Phosphorylation HPRD 18083107
S1480 Phosphorylation HPRD 20068230
T1504 Phosphorylation HPRD 18767875
S1511 Phosphorylation HPRD 18767875
S1512 Phosphorylation HPRD 18767875
S1714 Phosphorylation HPRD 19651622, 18088087, 19691289, ...20068231
T1745 Phosphorylation HPRD 18510355, 19664994, 18452278
S1943 Phosphorylation HPRD 19413330, 18491316, 18088087, ...18212344, 18767875, 20058876, 19007248, 18452278, 19651622, 18669648, 16083285, 18707149, 20166139, 17287340, 19415658, 20068231, 19691289

PTM-dependent PPI

PTM type Substrate Site Interactant Association type Source PMID
Phosphorylation P35579 (MYH9) S1943 Q96QB1 (DLC1) unknown eFIP 26977077

PTM sites affected in variants

Site Variant Source PMID Disease [Sample source]
Y9 H9 Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ tcga ] DOID:10534 / stomach cancer [ icgc, tcga ] DOID:1909 / melanoma [ cosmic ]
S45 R45 Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ]
K69 N69 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ tcga ]
C91 Y91 Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ icgc, tcga ]
Y151 C151 Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ] DOID:0070003 / blastoma [ cosmic ]
R165 * Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ icgc ] DOID:263 / kidney cancer [ cosmic ]
R165 Q165 Biomuta DOID:10534 / stomach cancer [ cosmic, icgc, tcga ]
C172 Y172 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ tcga ]
C172 * Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ]
K180 N180 Biomuta DOID:263 / kidney cancer [ cosmic, icgc ]
K228 R228 Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ tcga ]
K373 M373 Biomuta DOID:1324 / lung cancer [ cosmic ]
S375 F375 Biomuta DOID:10534 / stomach cancer [ cosmic ]
T383 I383 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ icgc, tcga ]
K536 N536 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ tcga ]
K545 N545 Biomuta DOID:1612 / breast cancer [ cosmic ]
K580 T580 Biomuta DOID:1793 / pancreatic cancer [ tcga ]
K613 N613 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ tcga ]
S628 * Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ]
T638 M638 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ cosmic ]
K810 N810 Biomuta DOID:1612 / breast cancer [ cosmic ]
Y819 * Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ]
K833 N833 Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ tcga ]
K850 N850 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ tcga ]
T869 P869 Biomuta DOID:3070 / malignant glioma [ tcga ]
T1009 I1009 Biomuta DOID:2394 / ovarian cancer [ tcga ] DOID:2994 / germ cell cancer [ cosmic ]
K1014 T1014 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ tcga ]
K1024 N1024 Biomuta DOID:3963 / thyroid carcinoma [ cosmic, icgc ]
T1030 I1030 Biomuta DOID:1612 / breast cancer [ tcga ]
S1114 C1114 Biomuta DOID:1612 / breast cancer [ cosmic, icgc, tcga ] DOID:1324 / lung cancer [ tcga ]
R1162 K1162 Biomuta DOID:3963 / thyroid carcinoma [ cosmic, icgc ]
R1162 W1162 Biomuta DOID:3963 / thyroid carcinoma [ cosmic, icgc ]
K1173 R1173 Biomuta DOID:263 / kidney cancer [ tcga ]
K1209 E1209 Biomuta DOID:3070 / malignant glioma [ tcga ]
K1274 E1274 Biomuta DOID:169 / neuroendocrine tumor [ tcga ]
S1290 I1290 Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ] DOID:0070003 / blastoma [ cosmic ]
S1294 N1294 Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ icgc, tcga ]
S1326 R1326 Biomuta DOID:1793 / pancreatic cancer [ icgc ] DOID:0070003 / blastoma [ cosmic ]
S1340 P1340 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ tcga ]
S1340 T1340 Biomuta DOID:1324 / lung cancer [ cosmic, icgc, tcga ]
S1340 Y1340 Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ]
K1371 R1371 Biomuta DOID:10534 / stomach cancer [ cosmic ]
S1376 R1376 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ cosmic, icgc, tcga ]
K1442 Q1442 Biomuta DOID:1324 / lung cancer [ cosmic ]
K1445 T1445 Biomuta DOID:1115 / sarcoma [ tcga ]
S1480 L1480 Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ] DOID:0070003 / blastoma [ cosmic ]
T1504 A1504 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ cosmic ]
S1512 F1512 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ cosmic, icgc, tcga ] DOID:1909 / melanoma [ tcga ]
T1551 A1551 Biomuta DOID:10534 / stomach cancer [ tcga ]
K1585 Q1585 Biomuta DOID:10534 / stomach cancer [ tcga ]
S1606 L1606 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ tcga ] DOID:10534 / stomach cancer [ cosmic, icgc, tcga ]
K1754 * Biomuta DOID:3963 / thyroid carcinoma [ cosmic, icgc ]
Y1861 * Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ]
T1906 P1906 Biomuta DOID:363 / uterine cancer [ icgc, tcga ]
S1916 F1916 Biomuta DOID:1324 / lung cancer [ tcga ]
R1932 H1932 Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ icgc ]