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UniProt AC / UniProt ID P30305 / MPIP2_HUMAN
Protein Name M-phase inducer phosphatase 2
Gene Name Name: CDC25B
Organism Homo sapiens (Human)

PRO ID PR:P30305
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PRO Name M-phase inducer phosphatase 2 (human)
Definition An M-phase inducer phosphatase 2 that is encoded in the genome of human.
Short Label hCDC25B
Category organism-gene

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P30305 (CDC25B) as Substrate

Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
S15 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S42 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S50 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P 21640712
T53 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T54 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T56 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
T58 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
T69 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K71 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T86 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S89 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S91 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S97 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S101 Phosphorylation RLIMS-P 19638579
S115 Phosphorylation P45983 (MAPK8) neXtProt 19638579
S117 Phosphorylation P45983 (MAPK8) neXtProt 19638579
T127 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
S151 Phosphorylation P17612 (PRKACA) neXtProt   PhosphoSitePlus 21212267
S160 Phosphorylation P06493 (CDK1) phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   Signor 12107172
T167 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
S169 Phosphorylation Q14680 (MELK) , P49137 (MAPKAPK2) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor   UniProt 16861915, 15908796
K177 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S178 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S182 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S186 Phosphorylation P68400 (CSNK2A1) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus 12527891
S187 Phosphorylation P68400 (CSNK2A1) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus 12527891
S188 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K192 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K200 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K204 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S209 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
S219 Phosphorylation Q14680 (MELK) Signor 12400006
S229 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S230 Phosphorylation P17612 (PRKACA) , O14757 (CHEK1) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor 17003105, 21212267
S238 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K242 Sumoylation PhosphoSitePlus
K242 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S249 Phosphorylation Q15759 (MAPK11) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   UniProt 16861915, 23186163, 19690332
T265 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
S291 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
K299 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K303 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K307 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
Y312 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S321 Phosphorylation P06493 (CDK1) neXtProt   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor 20801879, 19223768
S323 Phosphorylation Q16539 (MAPK14) , P17612 (PRKACA) , P49137 (MAPKAPK2) , Q14680 (MELK) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   UniProt 16861915, 23186163, 23908401, ...12400006, 21212267, 11333986, 15629715
S327 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K334 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T344 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K349 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S353 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) , P49137 (MAPKAPK2) , Q15418 (RPS6KA1) , O14965 (AURKA) , P31749 (AKT1) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P+   RLIMS-P   Signor   UniProt 16082213, 22451695, 15128871, ...23186163, 16861915, 12400006, 23708659, 14630392, 21640712
T355 Phosphorylation Q15418 (RPS6KA1) phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   Signor 18669648, 23708659
K367 Sumoylation PhosphoSitePlus
K367 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S373 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
K374 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S375 Phosphorylation Q16539 (MAPK14) , P49137 (MAPKAPK2) , Q8TDC3 (BRSK1) , P53350 (PLK1) neXtProt   phospho.ELM   PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   Signor   UniProt 23186163, 16861915, 18669648, ...19276368, 15150265, 11333986, 21640712
S387 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S397 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
K398 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T404 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
K408 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K413 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K427 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K434 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K452 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S465 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
K469 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S470 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus   UniProt 23186163
K479 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
S513 Phosphorylation P53350 (PLK1) PhosphoSitePlus 21640712
K523 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K527 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K551 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
K555 Ubiquitination PhosphoSitePlus
T556 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S563 Phosphorylation O14757 (CHEK1) PhosphoSitePlus   RLIMS-P   UniProt 17003105, 23186163
Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
S160 Phosphorylation P06493 (CDK1) HPRD 12107172
S186 Phosphorylation P68400 (CSNK2A1) HPRD 12527891
S187 Phosphorylation P68400 (CSNK2A1) HPRD 12527891
S321 Phosphorylation Q14680 (MELK) HPRD 12400006
S353 Phosphorylation O14965 (AURKA) HPRD 15128871
T355 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648
S375 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648
Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
S101 Phosphorylation P45983 (MAPK8) PhosphoSitePlus 19638579
S103 Phosphorylation P45983 (MAPK8) PhosphoSitePlus 21807946, 19638579
S146 Phosphorylation P06493 (CDK1) HPRD   PhosphoSitePlus 12107172
S172 Phosphorylation P68400 (CSNK2A1) HPRD 12527891
S173 Phosphorylation P68400 (CSNK2A1) HPRD 12527891
S307 Phosphorylation Q14680 (MELK) , P06493 (CDK1) HPRD   PhosphoSitePlus 12766774, 12400006
S309 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S339 Phosphorylation O14965 (AURKA) HPRD 15128871
T341 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648
S361 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648
Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
S151 Phosphorylation PhosphoSitePlus
S280 Phosphorylation Q14680 (MELK) HPRD 12400006
S312 Phosphorylation O14965 (AURKA) HPRD 15128871
T314 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648
S334 Phosphorylation HPRD 18669648

PTM-dependent PPI

PTM type Substrate Site Interactant Association type Source PMID
Phosphorylation Q96CX2 (KCTD12) S243 P30305 (CDC25B) unknown eFIP 28869606

PTM sites affected in variants

Site Variant Source PMID Disease [Sample source]
T69 P69 Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ tcga ]
T86 M86 Biomuta DOID:2394 / ovarian cancer [ tcga ]
S89 Y89 Biomuta DOID:1324 / lung cancer [ cosmic, icgc, tcga ]
S115 F115 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ icgc, tcga ]
S160 I160 Biomuta DOID:4362 / cervical cancer [ tcga ]
S160 C160 Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ tcga ]
S178 N178 Biomuta DOID:1324 / lung cancer [ cosmic ]
S238 R238 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ tcga ]
S373 T373 Biomuta DOID:1793 / pancreatic cancer [ tcga ]
S387 N387 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ cosmic ]
K452 N452 Biomuta DOID:1909 / melanoma [ cosmic, icgc ]
K479 N479 Biomuta DOID:3571 / liver cancer [ icgc ] DOID:0070003 / blastoma [ cosmic ]
T556 I556 Biomuta DOID:9256 / colorectal cancer [ icgc ]