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UniProt AC / UniProt ID P19139 / CSK21_RAT
Protein Name Casein kinase II subunit alpha
Gene Name Name: Csnk2a1
Organism Rattus norvegicus (Rat)

PRO ID PR:P19139
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PRO Name casein kinase II subunit alpha (rat)
Definition A casein kinase II subunit alpha that is encoded in the genome of rat.
Short Label rCSNK2A1
Category organism-gene

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P19139 (Csnk2a1) as Substrate

Site PTM Type PTM Enzyme Score Source PMID
K102 Acetylation PhosphoSitePlus

P19139 (Csnk2a1) as PTM Enzyme

Substrate Site Score Source PMID
P07936 (Gap43) T88 PhosphoSitePlus 9349568
P07936 (Gap43) T89 PhosphoSitePlus 9349568
P07936 (Gap43) T95 PhosphoSitePlus 9349568
P07936 (Gap43) S96 PhosphoSitePlus 9349568
P07936 (Gap43) S191 PhosphoSitePlus 9349568
P07936 (Gap43) S192 PhosphoSitePlus 9349568
P11497 (Acaca) S29 PhosphoSitePlus 2900140
P14925 (Pam) T946 PhosphoSitePlus 11524414
P14925 (Pam) S949 PhosphoSitePlus 11524414
P17325 (Jun) S63 PhosphoSitePlus 1328860
P17325 (Jun) S73 PhosphoSitePlus 1328860
P18422 (Psma3) S243 PhosphoSitePlus 8619999
P18422 (Psma3) S250 PhosphoSitePlus 8619999
P21707 (Syt1) T112 PhosphoSitePlus 10461881
P31232 (Tagln) T139 PhosphoSitePlus 25937534
P32198 (Cpt1a) S741 PhosphoSitePlus 15247243
P32198 (Cpt1a) S747 PhosphoSitePlus 15247243
P32851 (Stx1a) S14 PhosphoSitePlus 11846792, 21187092
P52164 (Max) S2 PhosphoSitePlus 8247525
P52164 (Max) S11 PhosphoSitePlus 8247525
P67999-2 (Rps6kb1) S17 PhosphoSitePlus 16895915
P67999 (Rps6kb1) S40 PhosphoSitePlus 16895915
Q00960 (Grin2b) S1480 PhosphoSitePlus 15537897
Q01714 (Sp1) T669 PhosphoSitePlus 9153193
Q05695 (L1cam) S1183 PhosphoSitePlus   Signor 8592152
Q4QRB4 (Tubb3) S444 PhosphoSitePlus 2199448
Q62881 (Nol3) T149 PhosphoSitePlus 12191471
Q63692 (Cdc37) S13 PhosphoSitePlus 15082798
Q64350 (Eif2b5) S712 PhosphoSitePlus 11500362
Q64350 (Eif2b5) S713 PhosphoSitePlus 11500362