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iProLINK (integrated Protein Literature, INformation and Knowledge) is a resource with access to text mining tools and annotated corpora developed in house. The collection of data sources can be utilized by computational and biological researchers to explore literature information on proteins and their features or properties.

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Text Mining Tools

  • iTextMine: integrated text mining tools and relation extraction results from large-scale text processing
  • pGenN: a gene normalization tool tailored for plants
  • miRTex: a relation extraction tool that identifies miRNA-target relations as well as miRNA-gene and gene-miRNA regulation relations
  • eFIP: a relation extraction tool that identifies information relevant to phosphorylated proteins and phosphorylation-dependent protein-protein interactions
  • emiRIT: an integrative text mining system collecting miRNA information from the literature
  • RLIMS-P: a relation extraction tool that identifies information relevant to protein phosphorylation

  • iXtractR: a generalizable relation extraction system (for developers)
  • iSimp: a sentence simplification system (for developers)
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