eFIP Publications

1.Tudor CO, Ross KE, Li G, Vijay-Shanker K, Wu CH, Arighi CN. Construction of Phosphorylation Interaction Networks by Text Mining of Full-length Articles using the eFIP System. Database 2015: bav020. (Publication)

2. Tudor CO, Arighi CN, Wang Q, Wu CH, Vijay-Shanker K. The eFIP system for text mining of protein interaction networks of phosphorylated proteins. Database 2012: bas044. (Publication)

3. Arighi CN, Siu AY, Tudor CO, Nchoutmboube JA, Wu CH, Vijay-Shanker K. eFIP: A Tool for Mining Functional Impact of Phosphorylation from Literature. Bioinformatics for Comparative Proteomics Methods in Molecular Biology, 2011, Vol. 694: 63—75. (Publication)

RLIMS-P Publications

1. Torii M, Arighi CN, Li G, Wang Q, Wu CH, Vijay-Shanker K. RLIMS-P 2.0: A Generalizable Rule-Based Information Extraction System for Literature Mining of Protein Phosphorylation Information. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (Volume: 12, Issue: 1, Jan.-Feb. 1 2015) (Publication)

2. Torii M, Li G, Li, Z, Oughtred R, Diella F, Celen I, Arighi CN, Huang H, Vijay-Shanker K, Wu CH. RLIMS-P: an online text-mining toold for literature-based extraction of protein phosphorylation information. Database 2014: bau081. (Publication)

3. Torii M, Arighi CN, Wang Q, Wu CH, Vijay-Shanker K. Text Mining of Protein Phopshorylation Information Using a Generalizable Rule-Based Approach. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and Biomedical Informatics (ACM-BCB) 2013, 201—210. (Publication)

4. Yuan X, Hu ZZ, Wu HT, Torii M, Narayanaswamy M, Ravikumar KE, Vijay-Shanker K, Wu CH. An online literature mining tool for protein phosphorylation using a rule-based system. Bioinformatics 2005, 21(11):2759-2765. (Publication)